I live moment to moment. I always have done it that way. Often I overthink the past and the possibilities of the future. I try very hard to plan accordingly with each situation that comes up. Somethings like the weather you can’t really prepare yourself for. Sure the weather reports can tell you things like it’s gonna snow but they have never really been good as measuring how much, how cold, the wind speed. Really it’s just a matter of dealing with it as it comes and hoping you prepared the right way.

Being prepared is sorta a comfort to me and I know I only have control over so much so I take it to heart pretty hard. I see the paths like branches in front of me. I know I capable and smarter than most. I just never really knew what to do with all of that. I never had a goal to really say .. This is what you will chase after. Sept maybe writing.. I like writing here.. I usto like making music but writing seems more direct. Words are fun to play with and I hope one day to write a book but who knows when that will ever happen.

I guess I will always have this! I don’t know what the future will hold but I have hope and I know one of the paths could be potentially amazing to go down. It’s just really a matter of walking down it and fighting really really really hard keep any number of variables from messing it up. Yet I think now .. perhaps that’s how it’s always been. I mean even living in Brooklyn we had risks but we did it. Just gotta keep breathing, and take it by each moment. Enjoy this feeling right now because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.

By Alexander Gonzalez

I have been writing observations for the past 10 years. Having lived a life in which I interact with on a daily basis over 100 people. I have some stories to tell.

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