Links to stuff and peeps I enjoy watching!


(None of this would be possible without the help of DIS GUY RIGHT HERE!!..SMART, INSANE, NETWORK, INTERNET STRUCTURE AND CODE MASTER GLORY!! He’s the guy I go to…also he’s family so ..yea that kinda helps!Regardless he helped me build this site..without him..we would have NO KAINLESS.COM 🙁 )

Site for Video games that I write on…

Video Games Alexander

More OLDER!! Random Sites I wrote on..


(Girlfriend and ARTIST EXTRAORDINAIRE!! She is open for Commission to anyone and you can contact and admire her great work on that page!)

Fiver site… You can ask me anything about anything for a price…

The Mighty Cupcake Twitch Stream

My own Twitch Stream

My Youtube channel


(One of meh Homies who like myself writes about stuff he enjoys messing with.. VERY SMART Guy that everyone should read into!You got a problem..he can probably solve it..YOU WANT A JOKE!! HE PROBABLY GOT ONE FO YOU!!)

Kaitlyn Cross

(Homie from another Mommie! She write short stories, long stories, on going creative mythos.. Good writing and fun stuff to read!)

DeviantArt Page

(You can find all meh AMAZING artwork, from coloring stuff, to sketch stuff, BUT BE WARNED!! Lots of naked drawn ladies!)

Twitter Page

(Twitter Page.. I update it as much as I can.. pretty much just about this site,comics, and stuff of that sort)


(it’s already in my comic section but why not put it here’s a great website!)


(Tired of carrying around all dem COMIC BOOKS!! Yea me either…but regardless of that.. if you are into comic book reading and you just don’t have the space for em OR WANT EM INSTANTLY … Comixology is Da place to go!!.. it’s fairly cheap and if you have a TABLET.. it’s super easy to use!! Personally I read many of my books on this site …)


(Just a good website for news and stuff like that on Comic books, Comic Movies…and really all things related too!)

Proven Gamer

(Great Podcasts, Great Community, Content overall.. Can’t say much more.)


(Want to learn some coding for FREE!! WANT TO BE SOCIAL IN DA CODING WORLD!!! Well…. yea this site helps… a bit..a really good site for people just learning, dabbling, or ADVANCED with coding in da blood!)


(This was the first Site I went to …when I wanted to learn CODE.. it’s REALLY REALLY EASY to learn on this site.. again.. if your are dabbling, learning or ADVANCED it has some pretty great lessons on how to learn it!)