Observation 165

So I have spent the last week on vacation. It was the first time in over a year that I sat around my new apartment and did nothing BUT…

Catch up on reading comics, Play some Video games with the girlfriend, watched a couple of movies, Read Ready Player One for the Fourth Time.. and took a couple of baths because I love having a bathtub..

Now today is only Sunday and I still have all of tomorrow off and of course I am still spending a great of my time reading comics.. still have a big list to go over..

(Currently still reading)

(Half is what I managed to read during the week)

So far I feel the most REVITALIZED “If that’s a word”, I have felt in along time. So that pretty much Highlights my current state of mind. I am feeling very creative again and hopefully this will translate into Maybe be doing some artwork “which I haven’t done in years”.. Without question some more writing “Duh you are reading it now”… and a better state of mind for work.

Despite what I do for a living I am not really much of a people person. I am very good at my job but again..it’s a job and really I think far to many people think my personality is reflected by it. IT’S NOT! I get paid to be the person I am at work and the person I am outside of work I can say without question is far more reflective than I am allowed to be. That’s not to say I am not a charming person all around but I do feel like it takes a great deal of mental exercise to get past even little things.

Regardless it’s good and I feel better because of it. Currently I am thinking about Spring which is right around the corner. Work will start to pick up as it does after the Winter. I am thinking a great deal about what I want to push more in terms of work and over all relationships with family and friends. I feel like I really need to get back into the gym to pick up my energy. Lots of things I WANT to get going on as soon as .. TOMORROW.. Over all my state of mind is simple.

Observation being.. People need time to themselves. Need time to reboot and assess life. I feel like not enough people get the chance to do that. Weekends are nice or days off for that matter but needing time to really get to WHAT YOU WANT.. is important. I have done that.. some of you should think about doing it.. and that is what I am currently about to do now.. RESTART..