observation 177

Today I received my new keyboard which my girlfriend bought me! In an effort to do more writing I am hoping this will promote more of these at a regular/semi regular basis. Recently I have been attempting to catch up on some cataloging of some of my possessions. Comic books, Mortal Kombat stuff, just things around that house I want to keep a record of just to help me sleep.

I tend to over think everything so being safe about pretty much everything I do kinda is my thing. Tomorrow I will be having my landlord come over for a home inspection. They check to make sure our fire equipment is up to date, make sure nothing is out of order and so on. Sign a new Lease for another year and do all that “Adulting” stuff that needs to be done.

Really the months are flying by pretty fast and as I have said in the past the older I get the faster it seems to go. I often have to think about what my life will be like in another 20 years if it will just go by like seconds. Perhaps having children will make it slow down but somehow I think I am kidding myself if that’s really the truth to it all. I think having to be so busy will just make it all go by far faster… but who knows.. we will see once I get to that point.

Right now the weather is cold but I think it’s about to get much warmer very soon. We had an interesting snow fall weekend and something in my bones tells me it was the last of it. I can’t believe it’s MARCH!!