Observation 209

It always starts with a white screen and black letters. Normally I just start to type and something will come to mind to write about. An Observation of some sort in that manor. Recently not much has been coming to mind that seems at all positive and I don’t think it’s just me. Let’s start with work first…

And yes this is going to get a bit more personal than I normally allow on here. I hate talking or even thinking at this point about the pandemic. Hell that is the last thing anyone wants to talk about or hear about at this point however even this place isn’t immune to it I guess so here I go.

When this started in March I knew it was going to be a big change with work. I expected less hours and people to be scared. Very little information was given and what information we had seemed to come from places we all would expect information to come from. News, Social Media, friends and family. People isolated because we didn’t know what to do. Part of me still thinks most people are in that box.

After a few weeks my hours changed and we dismissed my night shift entirely. I expected this because who the hell needs anything that badly at 4 AM ? Honestly at that point I was surprised by how careful and smart we all had been acting…..ACTING….Keyword. Everything was being cleaned, extra measures had been taken, all the smart stuff that I had been saying we should be doing TO START WITH .. people caught up on. I HAD HOPE!

After a few Months now.. Low and behold I am back on Night shifts and things are returning to normal but it seems best to quote with this next part one of my favorite movies ALIENS “Did IQs Just drop sharply while I was away?” As if none of it happened and like a magical cure has happened “Which it hasn’t” All of the people I expected to act like assholes are.. and to my surprise EVEN some MORE.

I step back for a moment..FOR YEARS now I have been writing these observations. YEARS.. I have been saying people are getting dumber. Our education has been such a lack of focus. Again.. No one talks about it short of “ohh the children need to go back to school in September”..which without a vaccine I think is a HUGE MISTAKE. So I said it here..

Still people argue over this mask stuff. Not surprised.. People again.. are dumb. I keep my mouth shut and I try to keep up hope. Hope that maybe it doesn’t have to get worse yet some how.. yea.. gonna end here..

Observation 208

I have always been an Observer. Even before I started this page I would sit in school or outside of my home and just observe things silently. I would watch people walk down the block or people on the subway. Come to think of it now I was kinda creepy with it. Always trying to take things in from my environment. If anyone would have asked me what I was looking at I would 9 out of 10 times say something like just thinking about This…or That..

It was just the way I learned to take everything in. With Brooklyn being my home it was always something different. A game of handball in the park, Someone playing chess on Ocean Parkway, or something as simple as a business man rushing to work. I watched hobos sleep in the subway or some doctor/nurse get home from work. I always knew people had opinions. Everyone has opinions and yet now in 2020 people I have learned can be very LOUD with those opinions.

I mean the very bases of this web site is my own opinion on this and that. So clearly it’s a different time to be the type of writer or whatever I am. Social media as it is can be at times this amazingly grand thing or it can be this amazingly terrible thing. I have witnessed both sides of it and for the most part I feel pretty open minded about most if it. What an amazing time to really be alive. If you have a question YOU CAN get an answer.

Doesn’t really have to be the Right answer but an answer none the less. With so many people speaking all at once it makes me wonder if maybe we have done something bad. To many voices…to many…voices…. SOUNDS CRAZY!!!

Didn’t they use to put people way for hearing to many voices? Yet here we are today with access to millions of voices. Facebook,twitter,Instagram,TicTok, and so on.. Pictures of this and that.. So many opinions yet so few facts about anything.

A VERY long time ago I started a joke with my mother. I told her I eat babies!! Hell it became one of those things that sort of defined my personality in some odd ways. Everyone knows it’s a joke and I still to this day find it very funny. However I do have to question the reality we live in right now that if someone researched my background without any context of knowing anything about me and read… ALEX…EATS BABIES!! How insane would it be for someone who doesn’t even know me to believe.. that as a fact…?

I have only ever been on this earth 37 years and I can tell you that building an opinion on someone whom you never met is stupid. Putting people in boxes.. IS STUPID.. saying someone is privileged is FUCKING STUPID without any context. Now if you want to categorize people based on polls or some mathematical statics you leave out a VAST part of the equation that can’t be added and that is time and place. Along with a million other variables that can not be just added to a already flawed equation.

I could easily come up with a billion examples on this but I won’t because the idea kinda sickness me to think anyone or any group of people would be so Naive to think themselves so self centered that they have the ANSWERS. Both enemies and would be friends have done this on more than one occasion in my life. Growing up in Brooklyn from grades 1 – 10 and even here in Orange County Grades 10 – 12 I can say I have seen many many a people even AFTER school.. do this.

I can’t judge people because I know a person will always do what they believe is right. Which at times if added to the masses might not be right. It could be just a stage of learning or perhaps something that was driven by a collection of ideas. Both wrong and right but it always comes from something or some place.

I still believe the word NEEDED.. is over used all the time. Humans are born with NEEDS.. YOU NEED.. TO EAT…BREATH..and sleep. How you do that is all optional after and is really opinion and comfort based. Some people live very uncomfortable but because they feed those needs do still live. Others do it too much and are on the other end of that.