At this very moment.. I’m high and this is the first time in 38 years that I am starting to question time. It feels like my brain was a puzzle and someone took a box and shook it up. Minutes go by like seconds. .. seconds hours. I go in and out of times in such a strange way. Because it feels like some moments are paused than try to play catch up. I understand what people are saying and than it’s like they speed up. Sound have become this moving thing. Like I can hear foot steps before the feet actually pass my head. If anything stands behind me or moves it feels like it’s really really still. Silence is a little scary also because when things stop they really stop…….nothing…everything behind me or in the room just keeps pausing….than moving.. This will be very very INTERESTING TO READ LATER ON LMAO!!

I just opened my lady death Kickstarter. Everything is still strange with time. Also I think I keep repeating myself. I had a hard time with the wraping paper and the layard that came in this set.I sorted thru the buttons and stickers very slowly. Sound is coming really strangely. It starts… stops…and parts of time go and stop inbetween. I’m trying to focus now..but it’s super strange. Doing one thing doesn’t mean I have done it right now. I could do something and it might have happened 10 minutes ago…but I’m only relizing it’s happening Now. It’s super strange. I keep forgetting things also. Like I was doing something … stop…. than i’m doing something else….stop… and back to that other thing again.

started playing blasphemous and its really goood. just made breakfast eggs and kelbasa and I don’t remember doing it. Parts of everything is still mixed up. What an interesting feeling. I don’t remember cooking. Some parts I do remember… like mixing the eggs with the cheese… but it’s odd because it seems out of place. still don’t know where kabal is…? found him on megans table.woot
Thinking back on the garage with shawn and dad. Shawn for some reason kept standing in place… and not moving… it was super strange because shortly dad started doing it also.. like it would seem like he was just stairing at me for moments at a time… but like..time someone had paused everything..

By Alexander Gonzalez

I have been writing observations for the past 10 years. Having lived a life in which I interact with on a daily basis over 100 people. I have some stories to tell.

One thought on “Observation 220….HIGH!”
  1. I never ever thought I’d read anything like this from you. Hope you enjoyed your experiences. I also truly hope all is well with you.

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