Observation 211

Building motivation and trying to set goals by dates are difficult to do alone. In groups I notice it becomes more about not wanting to let people down and less about self gratification. For the last seven or so years I have gone up and down on this hill with it. Some years I found that being active and taking time outside of work to improve both my mental and physical state are easy/difficult.

The big thing I notice is during the Winter it’s easier for me. I have the goal in that if I start something in September by June I should be at the goal I am reaching for. Nine months to get my mind into a place I want it to be and have my body follow. The tricky part about I come to find is that if I fall off I often find myself saying.. Next week.. You will do better.. Next Month.. I will say that nine out of ten times it never happens.

Time also passes so quickly as an adult that putting stuff off often takes its toll. I have been reading different research and trying to find ways around this. However I run into a great deal of sales pitches for products, myths, and just stuff that doesn’t work for me but might work for someone with a different set of problems.

What are my problems? I work at night…Now that’s something I like to do. Recently having worked during the day I have come to terms with that. However on a physical and mental question it is extremely draining. It adds the problems of me having to remember to take vitamins, having to remember to set very strict times on when I can and can not do particular things “workout, read, and research”. Setting up points of activity is a job in itself and while some people find planning easy. I find that once I start down the road it BECOMES easy.. it isn’t easy to just start it.

Gonna try some new methods. I also think the one thing that has been consistent with all of this is that it’s been repeated.. DO IT NOW.. Don’t wait.. Just do it NOW and eventually you will build a routine has been a common ground for this stuff. Waiting tends to be .. less productive.

Observation 210

For those of you that don’t know the name Kainless came from the lack of being able to use the name Kain in a online game I was playing sometime between 2006 -2007. If I couldn’t be kain.. I would be Kainless. Ha! Not a particularly exciting story but meh.. Just thought I would throw that out into the world.

I don’t get too personal with this site and I think at this point it’s limiting what I can write about on here. SO… From here on out 210 and beyond I am going to open up a bit more. Really make this a place about… ME! MEH THOUGHTS! AND SO ON!?…. Could it be dangerous? Sure.. WILL IT BE WILD! ABSOLUTELY! but I think in terms of expanding and perhaps even just releasing more posts.. It will be good for me.

So for some time I have wanted to start to stream videos of random observations of things around my home. Stories to collect about collectibles, Comics, Video Games and stuff of that sort. Perhaps a video here and there of work life, family stuff.. Just little things to spread some more of myself out. Like so many things I keep saying I will DO IT!! Yet instead I fall asleep.. Same with Comic book reading.. which I am so far behind .. as well as Video Games I said I would write about.. which I have little here and there…


More recently I have found a interest in watching Twitch Streamers. It’s funny to me because while I enjoy watching some of the games I am more interested in personality and conversations. I don’t go to very popular streams often. A few that I have gone to again are mostly just for conversation and to find some sort of interest..and Exploring. I have even updated my hosting to my channel on some of the people I watch… You can find that here..


Which is also the same place I will probably upload and livestream the observations from. In the past I have only used it to stream Video Games but like I said.. plan..to do …more

Also just as a side note.. I have a media TAB on the top of this page.. You can find links to more stuff on that..