Observation 169

Today is my 35th birthday and naturally a few things are going on in my mind. Of course I am thinking about the future and the past. The place I am currently at is without question a high point. I have my job which I am doing very well with. My own place, my family which I love, a girlfriend who couldn’t be better if she tried and everything is at my finger tips. I compromise nothing these days.

Everything changes and I truly believe that the power of thought has a very big affect on everything we color our world with. A well placed plan and always reviewing the possibilities both good and bad make things work for the unexpected. I have always been good at doing that.. knowing the unexpected and putting it in it’s proper box. Perhaps natural instinct or experience has made this a thing for me but I can’t think of a time in my life that I wasn’t good at reading it. At times I thought it perhaps a super power I have?

Not everyone can do it. Read into the moment and have a great idea on what will happen.  I have a plan and the possibilities are endless but I guess the real question that comes with every birthday is how long? I can hope for another 35 years but isn’t it true with every day live like it’s your last? If it all ended today I would say without question I have had a great life. I want more of course and I don’t know of many people who can say that much!

I look forward to the future and just keep my faith high as well as my hopes.