Observation 176

In the last year or so my mind has changed focus. I am not sure if it was any one thing or just the way events have panned out but I do feel a change. Both menatally and physically overall.

I never gave much thought to my future short of my interest, work, my writing here, and my family/friends. With age comes an interesting prospective on placement in the universe. The feeling of immortality is long gone and I know now that tomorrow will be different.

I find it funny that I write at all. I hated learning it and never showed any interest in reading. Not till my 20s did I start to use the voices in my head to make any of it fun. Now I couldn’t go a week without writing something if it be here or elsewhere.

Time will tell what mark i make but I have to beileve it’s all for something.

Observation 175

About to go on vacation. After a very long past 4 months of dealing with Holidays, work changes, and so on I need to reboot so that’s what I plan to do today. Clear the files in my brain and come in fresh so I am hoping to do more of this and attempt to get myself into a better space.

With the start of the new year I have some goals in mind. 200 is slowly approaching with this page and I think … going to do a dramatic change on the format of my writing. Might even start a Vlog portion just to free style some thoughts out into the world. Which really is what this writing is.. but I think speaking might help on another level. I have plans!

Over all dealing with the cold has me looking at myself, the way my life is going, and it’s helping me think over what type of person I want to be. I am enjoying myself right now and responsibility is just a given. So I love the spot I am at right now. Going to push some creative ideas here and really try to make something fun come out of all this stuff.