Observation 213

So before I go on here I want to point out a couple of things. First I took off the song of the day tab on this site because it was become far to difficult to keep up with. HOWEVER.. I just started a NEW TAB on the top called THE PROGRESSION OF ALEXANDER. You click that and you can read post about my life. I figured I would add a bit of personal stuff on what I am doing?! Things like Book, Comic book reading, Video games, Movies and YES Music will be added on that! So far it’s only a couple of post.. each is divided by TIMES so yea.. fun fun

On with the show here.. Clearly Winter is coming.. The weather is getting colder the days are getting darker and I think my job is going to change again back to Day shifts. I could be totally wrong as I am not in control of that aspect of what is happening but I just don’t see as many people as we had last year. Business is down for everyone but that doesn’t mean I am not keeping busy. I have been keep myself steady with the work. Refining and so far so good! Good conversations about how to deal with the virus and so on.

We continue to deal with everything in the best way we can. I am feeling over all good. TIRED… but good. Just trying to figure out how to get past another coming month. Can’t believe it’s almost October and the year is almost DONE! I have a few things I am looking forward tooooooo! Hopefully it all pans out and I am keeping my head up for now..

Observation 212

Took some time off to deflate from work. Sometime for myself to catch up on writing, reading, SLEEP, and just to spend time with the home “Girlfriend and pets”.. It’s never been easy to work at night but really just to avoid the public because it was starting to make me see red. It’s now Sunday morning and I don’t go back till Wednesday night but yea..

So far trying to catch up with my comic book reading which .. it’s been awhile and I have soooooooo much to get past. Harley Quinn and Batman I am catching up and OMG.. If anyone is under rated for writing… Comic book writers need to really really get more credit because the writing is soooooooo FU@#ING GOOD!Amazing!

Also watched Metallicas S&M 2 dvd which really what can I say about it that isn’t Obvious! It’s Metallica …amazing.. great set.. great music.. good times.. Also watched some films and started watching some new youtubers.. really taking time to just dig into stuff I like! I haven’t done it in awhile but it’s overall a good time.

CLEARLY writing hasn’t been easy for me recently cause my focus has sucked. Mostly just stress and dealing with people will scatter the mind which is exactly again.. the same reason I needed the time off. Not that sure what to write about right now but ..so far.. sooooooooooooo good… will post more probably later..