Observation 167

I have been working with the public since I believe it was two months after I graduated High School. My experience with work has always been based on routine. I learned that routine works for me “Even today” to be the best way to be progressive with it all. I was raised on the concept that if you work you deserve what you put into it.

My method for getting to the place I am at right now was simple. Always be available, Always follow the rules, Always say Yes if asked to do more work.  Now I knew that was going to be unfair to me because not everyone agrees with it. With experience I learned just because I do something doesn’t mean anyone has to do it the same way.

So pushing myself was always a selfish emotional battle for me.  Why push if no one is going to push with you? Why fight something that you know you will get no help with? I think that has always been the way I think and the only answer to both questions I could come up with was because I could do it. I know my abilities to push past what people expect of me “Even Today” are always going to turn out better.

If I say I can work for 8 hours and at the last hour someone says can you do another 8 hours I will say yes. While I will always find away to make it work I also maintain that perhaps pride for my own work ethic. Mentally it’s a battle because knowing I have no back up is the way I understand it.

However the standard for most jobs is to say YES we will help you if you need it but we just say that. We will say you can have this that and the other but don’t really expect it. This really does bring me to people.

People are selfish and that is just the nature of the beast. I don’t know if age has anything to do with that. Some of it I feel is personality working it’s structure around work ethic. I am not 100% sure how I feel about it but I know that thru experience it will never be fair.

Observation 166

The older I get the more I come to terms with the concept of time. I recall being 14 and sitting in a class room, Which I was supposed to be learning math but couldn’t for the life of me focus on anything other than HOW SLOWWWWWWW…TIME….WAS…Going…

Yet I look at my days now and I feel time moving fast. Hell I blinked it was February now I blink again and we are in April. The older I get the faster it goes and it makes for a very clear understanding of what IS important and what Isn’t.

It helps put me into a state of mind to make sure I am happy, healthy….ish, and over all in a positive state of mind. I find it sort of funny because in a day I notice so many negative points. Spending money…NEGATIVE…making money… POSITIVE.. sitting around…negative… going food shopping…Positive.. I think you get the point.