Been doing a great deal of writing lately but most of it has been on paper. I carry with me at least 2 notepads in my bag. Probably another 4 or 5 just floating around my apartment. As a Christmas gift my mother and father purchased me and my girlfriend notepads to share with my daughter to be. Been working on that also!

Yes I will be having a daughter come June and I’m very excited about it! However it does put my mind into a interesting space. Past,present and future concepts come to mind often. The very real truth that she will start her life and I will be 40 years into mine. I have so much I want to pass down to her. Truth stories and ideas but really it’s not up to me. Time is really the master in this truth. I have a great family and people whom I am sure will help the process. Honestly this kid won the lottery in people who care and will love her.

So many seems endless to think about. Hopeful I am to it all. Yet understanding to these observations that not everything is perfect. People are flawed and most of em I don’t understand. I believe in the nature of balance. To every good a bad the rich the poor the sun the moon the sand the water.

its true the rare are the bright and the bold. Great leaders are hard to find and deception far more useful than the truth. We have so much more work to do. Yet for everyone who says we can’t I believe they dismiss one truth that is fact. We are still here..still trying..and still relentless.

nothing great has ever been easy to get. After writing for 240 observations. I understand that the easy way is to give up and be concerned with only selfish concepts. To numb the mind and be still. I’ll never understand humanity because of the variables. So much gray between the black and white. I also know I don’t know everything but what I have witnessed.

i worked for 11 years at night and part of me is very jaded from that. Watching people be selfish, self destructive and often lost does something to some one who witnessed it often. Yet I look around and I think to myself with all that we have done some pretty cool stuff with it. We tell amazing stories, we help those in need, we learn and we question what’s around us. We love on a limitless concept.

it will never be fast enough or perfect. We can argue about how many different ways it’s done. You will always have batman vs the joker. Professor X and Magneto or Pepsi and coke. Those stories will always have different names. It’s who we are in life and that is what drives us.

i also believe in the waves of the universe. The smallest action that causes the biggest reaction. Everything happens for a reason. .. so many ideas..

By Alexander Gonzalez

I have been writing observations for the past 10 years. Having lived a life in which I interact with on a daily basis over 100 people. I have some stories to tell.

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