You’re born into this world with 3 musts. You must breath or die, you must feed or die, and last but not least you must sleep or die. Everything after the musts are decisions you make. Decisions that hold a center meter level of comfort or discomfort.

I say center meter because should I paint a picture of anything with this writing it is that of a meter with one side labeled comfortable and one uncomfortable. Perhaps to make it interesting one side is black with a fade to white with of course the center being gray.

Not Wrong or Right but comfortable and uncomfortable because I don’t agree with wrong or right just yet. Hell you are born not knowing ANYTHING but the feeling of comfortable and uncomfortable and I believe that is how this entire thing gets Complicated.

Life is from day one a series of events and sensations thrown into a point of view. If I was born into a room with cold air all around me chances are the feeling of hot air would change by sensation. The interpretation of just that concept alone sends millions of new ideas to the mind. Do I like cold air more or hot? Can breathing be comfortable?

I for one am a person who was born with the very idea of breathing alone was an effort. I simply couldn’t do it because I wasn’t ready to do it. So with some outside assistance,medication, and perhaps a level of stubborn willpower I managed to work on it. Imagine that thought for a moment. Born not even 5 seconds out of my mother and already work to be done.

What is work exactly? Can something so simple like breathing be work? Well the way I like to think it is effort = work. We are born into effort and discomfort so we work to make it comfortable. Once we are comfortable we are calm and we try to find bliss in that.

Bliss being the goal and drive for everything we do. Some of us take for granted just how simple that is. Really think about what the hell does a baby really want? It knows nothing and doesn’t speak for itself yet it has sensations and feelings that allow it to know what is comfortable and what isn’t.

Personally I believe that is the spot everything we say and do comes from. You are who you are because you can do what you can in a comfortable manor. Think about what we do for work and what we try to define as the right way of doing things and the wrong. Hell let’s make it simple and start with rule number one.

LIFE IS SACRED AND THE FIRST THING EVERY GOD CREATES THAT MATTERS. It’s why we are here…it’s existence. Now I won’t get religions but the point is we can all agree that If I am here and You are here that moving past here is not only inevitable but it must come on it’s own. After all present is all that matters now and future is all that will matter later.

CONFUSING AND COMPLICATED I KNOW!! WHAT THE HELL AM I REALLY TALKING ABOUT HERE? Stress.. dealing with it.. and an introduction to something..

I want to explain that lots of people seem to have this really strange concept of what is important in life. Some people even go as far as to say THIS MUST BE and THIS CAN’T BE. I want to start this by saying YOU DON’T GET TO SAY WHAT MUST BE EVER. You started this life the same exact way everyone else did. With the three MUSTS.


Everything else that you do is a decision based on how comfortable you want to be, Which in some forms has already been predetermined before birth/existence on a genetic and physical level. A person can not will themselves to be something entirely different without the concept of what that difference is first.

I can not want to be a man until I understand what a man is. Same can be said about Women. What is a man? What is a Woman? Concepts and ideas based on rules and thoughts that as a function only come to terms based on levels of comfort.

For example if I say a man is someone with a Penis who works 40 hours a week, loves his family, and supports himself. That becomes the definition of a set of rules made by an internal thought only to myself. The reflection of on society becomes the interpretation of comfortable and uncomfortable.

You might agree making that statement comfortable with you or you might disagree and want to sway from the discomfort in turn from a natural course try to make it MORE comfortable with YOU…NOT… me.. This is how the arguments start. Arguments which can in it’s most negative form lead to heightened states of tension, stress and even violence.

So let’s go into that because with those three you have an array of emotions that all have counter sides like comfortable and uncomfortable. If you are comfortable you are in a solid state of balance. Nothing is good and nothing is bad. You simply are and that is an impossible feeling to have considering you have sensation always attacking you.

Let’s say we remove sensation.. can it even be done? Even if you floated in a room with zero gravity and absolutely nothing happening the human body creates sensation for you. You hear the heart beat, the air enter your body, perhaps your stomach growl from the lack of food. The bones shift, decay and the hair on your head moves with the motion of a body that simply can’t stand still. Stillness perhaps also impossible to achieve in a living body.

Isolate the body and strange things start to happen. The mind goes into places it likely wouldn’t normally. Sensation again something that happens but is not A MUST in life. Nerves which provide sensation can be cut and have in some cases stopped.  Again.. a complication.

By Alexander Gonzalez

I have been writing observations for the past 10 years. Having lived a life in which I interact with on a daily basis over 100 people. I have some stories to tell.

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