Observation 179

Not often do I come home from work with an idea of what I am going to write about. This morning I felt the need to express some thoughts. In just under 10 days from now I will be 36 years old. Already I have plans to make to trips to Coney Island. The first trip will be with my older siblings. The Second also with my older siblings but likely with more Family than that. I am looking forward to both trips.

Hopefully the weather holds up and we don’t get to much rain. Honestly even if it does rain I will likely be making the trips anyway cause the trips have a meaning to me. Something deep and something I feel I need to do. I don’t often get these feelings about my family members in truth I think I take for granted most of the time how important they are. We have always been close even with distance being an element to our relationships. I have always felt connected to my family.

This includes cousins, parents, aunts, uncles, sister in-laws, and brother in-laws… so on. While my communication with some hasn’t been the best I still feel a measure of care involved in the element of blood and perhaps elements of care just being involved with my life. The involvement part has always been the tricky part to me. Finding time to do these things becomes thoughtless and more emotionally connected to my state of mind.

I feel like I have to do things but even with that I CHOOSE to keep this stuff as apart of my life as I NEED it to be. We all choose to be who we are and with that I put a great deal of thought into how the stars a line if that makes any sense. On some levels I find it to be even a spiritual calling of events that need to take place for me.

I have always had a good vision of the path ahead of me and what my actions will or will not involve with people in my life. I have always been logical with those feelings and with that also a sense of care not so much responsibility. I don’t feel responsible for anything or anyone other than myself. I care about the people in my life and I want them to be in the parts I have been lucky enough to be born into. I have a great family and I know how lucky I am to have them.

Observation 178

Recently I have noticed a true wave of either ignorance or a just lack of common sense from my local Community. I have to wonder if this is just me and my getting older/point of view or if it’s perhaps something in the water? Cause of the rise of temperature I have a feeling that the people will start to behave for lack of a better way of saying ” Goofy”.

Now don’t get me wrong “Goofy” in the context I use it is often a good thing. Yet we aren’t talking about that definition of the word. No we are talking people being overly sensitive about Nonsense, Often Aggressive, and sometime even Violent. From my observations of behavior and well common knowledge once the temperatures rise people start to think a different way.

Now my thoughts on how this works is kinda funny to me. People are dying to go outside during the winter months but because it’s too cold they often don’t. So once the chance comes you would think they would be happy with that burst of energy. However I have come to find that burst of energy often becomes destructive.

I personally think it might be because everyone thinks “OMG IT’S GOOD WEATHER I NEED TO ENJOY THIS RIGHT NOW AND NOTHING CAN GET IN MY WAY” …As if the focus of limited time comes to play. Patience is just a thing of the past I suppose. The thought process becomes GET TO POINT B from point B WITH NOTHING TO STOP ME NOW!

It’s strange like we aren’t going to see another good day for the rest of our lives? A Great and common example of this that I deal with daily is the shopping experience. People wait inline to buy whatever but if it’s not done quickly it becomes a reason for people to just lash out. Like someone is pulling em back perhaps?

It’s a strange state to be in but people have become very impractical about things that to me make ZERO SENSE. Why would you get mad that you have to wait to buy FREAKING ICE CREAM!!!? IT’S ICE CREAM…it’s going one of two places and fast.. Your face or a freezer!

It must be me but I have noticed this is a thing that just keeps coming up and it doesn’t have an age range either. I have seen young and old alike get like this and I don’t understand the reason.

observation 177

Today I received my new keyboard which my girlfriend bought me! In an effort to do more writing I am hoping this will promote more of these at a regular/semi regular basis. Recently I have been attempting to catch up on some cataloging of some of my possessions. Comic books, Mortal Kombat stuff, just things around that house I want to keep a record of just to help me sleep.

I tend to over think everything so being safe about pretty much everything I do kinda is my thing. Tomorrow I will be having my landlord come over for a home inspection. They check to make sure our fire equipment is up to date, make sure nothing is out of order and so on. Sign a new Lease for another year and do all that “Adulting” stuff that needs to be done.

Really the months are flying by pretty fast and as I have said in the past the older I get the faster it seems to go. I often have to think about what my life will be like in another 20 years if it will just go by like seconds. Perhaps having children will make it slow down but somehow I think I am kidding myself if that’s really the truth to it all. I think having to be so busy will just make it all go by far faster… but who knows.. we will see once I get to that point.

Right now the weather is cold but I think it’s about to get much warmer very soon. We had an interesting snow fall weekend and something in my bones tells me it was the last of it. I can’t believe it’s MARCH!!

Observation 176

In the last year or so my mind has changed focus. I am not sure if it was any one thing or just the way events have panned out but I do feel a change. Both menatally and physically overall.

I never gave much thought to my future short of my interest, work, my writing here, and my family/friends. With age comes an interesting prospective on placement in the universe. The feeling of immortality is long gone and I know now that tomorrow will be different.

I find it funny that I write at all. I hated learning it and never showed any interest in reading. Not till my 20s did I start to use the voices in my head to make any of it fun. Now I couldn’t go a week without writing something if it be here or elsewhere.

Time will tell what mark i make but I have to beileve it’s all for something.

Observation 175

About to go on vacation. After a very long past 4 months of dealing with Holidays, work changes, and so on I need to reboot so that’s what I plan to do today. Clear the files in my brain and come in fresh so I am hoping to do more of this and attempt to get myself into a better space.

With the start of the new year I have some goals in mind. 200 is slowly approaching with this page and I think … going to do a dramatic change on the format of my writing. Might even start a Vlog portion just to free style some thoughts out into the world. Which really is what this writing is.. but I think speaking might help on another level. I have plans!

Over all dealing with the cold has me looking at myself, the way my life is going, and it’s helping me think over what type of person I want to be. I am enjoying myself right now and responsibility is just a given. So I love the spot I am at right now. Going to push some creative ideas here and really try to make something fun come out of all this stuff.

Observation 174

End of the year is almost here! I didn’t make it to 200! I did try!! But my mind simply wasn’t in it this year. Been working hard at work and because of that sleeping has become a thing I seem to be doing.  Sundays have been a short time of my week that I can relax. I HAVE started to stream on youtube! Been playing some Tetris Effect, Overwatch, Doom “Of Course!” You can find all that nonsense under the Media tab at the top..or search Kabal610 on Youtube..You can find it!

Most of the streams Feature myself.. My brother “Shawn”.. my cousin ” Chris” my besty “Ian”..and from time to time other co workers and naturally my girlfriend “Megan”.. It’s what I do to relax.. I did buy a Nintendo Switch recently also and it’s fun!! Naturally I have Doom on it and it amazes me how good it runs! Perfect so far.. but I will write more about that on my games page when I get the chance.. Currently I am playing Darksiders 3, Smash Brother Ultimate, and a few other games also.. but that’s in-between time ..

I have come to the conclusion that I need to find more time to relax.. NOT SLEEP… but actually relax my mind from everything going on around me.  So naturally I fall back into video games and reading comics which I am forcing myself to do now. I haven’t been hitting the gym much… I SHOULD BE ..AND PLAN TO GET BACK ON THAT.. but with it being December..and cold…and yea….laziness….bad…blah…

I haven’t spoken much about my personal life on here in awhile which is kinda funny cause this is all supposed to be an OBSERVATIONAL blog/thing… Life has been for the most part a steady line. Not great..not bad.. but steady.. I got most of my Christmas shopping done..and for the most part have been in a decent head space I guess.. This really isn’t much of a post at this point …just trying to filter out …where I am?



Observation 173

Politics is very much like Religion to me. You don’t talk about it much because everyone has an opinion on any given situation. So naturally I don’t talk much about it. I had a site that I was posting on with my views on it and I stopped because I felt like I was repeating myself and honestly I just didn’t know what to say any more about it.


I think the last post on that site was like 3 years ago or something close to that. Regardless I don’t like to post stuff on facebook about it or really anything like that. What I do like to do is examine a situation what it is and come up with information as fact as I SEE it. If I see and can prove without a shadow of a doubt that something happened the way it did I will from time to time comment on it or write about it.  My views are simply my own and I like to think about things as I KNOW IT TO BE TRUE.

So with that being said I have somethings I want to say about a particular topic that really puts to fact most of the 173 post I have on here about my observations. Some notes and comments as it is to think about.


For 172 Observations I have been saying that I think people are getting dumber. That I think we don’t educate ourselves enough. We follow like sheep very easily into information we NEVER fact check. Some of us don’t know how to fact check at all. Some of us simply don’t know how to tell the difference between an OPINION and a Fact. That to sum it up the SOURCE of all our problems is EDUCATION.

We live in a time Full of resources and information. It’s a beautiful thing to have the ability to google. In less then minutes a person can come up with valid facts and proof to make a statement FAST. I loveeeee the internet for that. I love the melting pot of it all as well because it’s forums are a place of pure beauty. You have two sides to the coin and you have lots of shades of gray with it.

When it comes to politics I believe a person shouldn’t be red or blue but gray. I LOVE the concepts of a Republican, I Love the ideas of Democrats. I agree with the arguments because until ACTUAL FACT can be displays we should have an open discussion on what would be the better way. Keywords being BETTER WAY.

If this country is indication of anything it is that we breed smart people and it can vary on many topics.To say that ONE person is the end all be all on anything is not only showing a lack of knowledge but it shows such a limited way of thinking. It’s saying I am better at everything and no one can disprove that ever which is ignorance.

Politics is not and never has been about ONE person. It has always been about the thinking of many people in a system of balanced checks and orders. Our entire way of living is built into a system that supports many opinions….so getting to my point.

I hear people saying that man is the only person qualified to do something I think to myself what world do we live in that ONE person becomes superman? That one person is without question the only person qualified to do something MANY PEOPLE are educated and qualified to do.  It’s a job and it’s about doing it the correct way and not about opinion.

To say only one person can do something is stupid. Any job can be taught and understood by any number of people. NO ONE is the be all end all of anything. While yes we have a range of understanding that goes low to high. We all understand that no one is perfect for something.  Mistakes will be made and that is just how it is.  People make mistakes WE MOVE ON.

Now my biggest problem is not with anyone specific or any party for that matter. If the republicans believe something is RIGHT.. I hope to the gods that They know something I don’t and THEY ARE RIGHT. I can say the same for the democrats. However if you can prove that something isn’t working and you still believe that it is. Clearly being delusional isn’t a good thing. IT WILL LEAD TO PROBLEMS.

No one wants to say I TOLD YOU SO. We get great satisfaction FROM saying it because we know that the path ahead is the correct one and it’s PROVEN. If you have ever had an argument with someone close to you this is something that comes up. I say something is wrong.. you say I am wrong.. we find out I am Right.. and we move on because it’s PROVEN.

It’s fear and lack of knowledge that make people hostel. It’s fear that brings sadness because we are smart and some are dumb to FACTS. I fear a world that says ONE person can only do something that many people are educated to do.

Observation 172

Let me start this off by saying that this is my place for thinking and observing. Everything I write here is opinion and I in no way wish for anyone to do anything at all. I simply want to speak my mind. With that said I have done 171 Observations over the year. Some short, some long, and most of the time I try to make a point with this.

I am not a great writer but the point of this all was to work on a skill I otherwise never paid any attention with. I enjoy many things in my life writing being just one of em. What I have come to observe lately has been a kinda sad lot of things. In a massive wave of perhaps ignorance many people “Not all but MANY” seem to think that the problems in the current situations they are placed in are someone else doing.  To that I say NO!

I learned a very very long time ago that every problem I have or that is presented to me has and always will be MY OWN. I put myself into said situation and I ALWAYS have control over the highs and lows of it. Sure I watch as people get into scenarios that find themselves losing control but let’s not play the game of HOW DID I END UP LIKE THIS? Clearly a decision was made at some point BY YOU that put you into that situation.

Now of course as an adult I have also come to terms with just accepting that somethings in this world I won’t have control over and yes it will probably effect me in the long term as it might not effect me in the short.  Personally I have always been a long term thinker. I almost never put myself into a situation that I don’t think about the LONG TERM effects.

Personally I like to keep everything in a worse case scenario situation mindset all the time. It tends to almost never turn out that way but the advantage to that is you are always happy with the outcome cause it’s never that bad. For instance walking to work is about a 8 minute walk from home.  It’s normally not day time so naturally my mind can come up with some pretty funny and horrible situations that could happen during those 8 minutes. I could get hit by a car, abducted by aliens or someone could run up to me with a cupcake and just make my entire night great! Like I said.. I tend to keep my mind in that mindset because it works out for the best most of the time.

I have also found that is the best way to live a very very RICH life. Rich is defined as wealthy for the most part and I know for a fact I AM VERY Wealthy for whom I am and with what I have.  I have everything I have ever wanted because I worked for it. I have never made a decision that I regretted HOWEVER..I have at times been hard on myself for making some decisions which isn’t the same as regret. Maybe some day I will explain that but not today.

People really need to look around at what is happening around them and understand that IT’S THE DECISIONS YOU ARE MAKING THAT MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. A side from this and really what the point is that I am making here is that I give credit to those who do good things and blame to those who deserve it. I am very unforgiving and it’s not because of how I feel but because I look over the facts. I often try to keep my emotions towards things at a minimum because I understand what harm that can do.

If that facts are in front of you and you lay out any situation 9 out of 10 times the answers are clear…Most of the time even justified. Do I make mistakes? OF COURSE! The real question people should be asking is what have I LEARNED from the mistakes being made. I don’t think enough people get that… but …maybe it’s just me

Observation 171

I have never done drugs, Drank a bit but I have always had a clarity on my reality that I think has been pretty straight forward. I have a great imagination for someone my age I like to believe. Routine comes to mind while planning how I do everything that I do. I feel like I am in a good place yet I look at what is going on in the world with my “adult” eyes and I have lots questions.

If you know that explaining a given situation in detail is important to the statement of calling something a fact. How do you manage to mess that up? Take for example the description of any given transaction at a convenience store. You have a Customer, a Cashier, the product, and the price.  Basic information to follow. The customer chooses the product brings it to the cashier and pays the price. Those are FACTS. Nothing in that is opinion because it all can be proven by way of description.

Now if you go into more detail on that same situation it can become complicated. How did the person walk into the store? Walked, Ran, Skipped, or Jumped? What did the person choose for the product? etc etc.. Details and descriptions of things I feel are the source of our biggest problems currently. I thought for a long time it was Education but I think it’s more so the details in the Education that have become a bigger problem.

Everyone knows what a color wheel is. It describes the basic relationships between colors. Anyone can make it complicated by describing the tones, shades, and textures of a color. That isn’t hard to do at all. I feel like people have made this sort of thing just as complicated as that only they relate it to everything that is done now. I can tell anyone a story and chances are by the time the 10th person tells that same story it’s been changed in some major or minor way.

Details are important but I think the one thing that is constantly bothering me is how people detail things. I’ll have to write and think about this more in the future.

Observation 170

170 post about my observations on the world and people still act like I didn’t see all this coming. I have repeatedly said over and over again that our education needs to be improved. We need to focus more on teaching our children yet here we are in the state we are. People become very keen on looking for answers without questioning any truth to the solution.

I don’t think it’s sad that Facebook and false information managed to get people to believe in lies. I think it’s sad that we managed to get ourselves into this situation and got suckered. No one stopped and said is that true? The few that did say it just kept falling down rabbit holes of information that was not only made up but became so ridiculous to believe that common sense went out the window.

Hell years ago I came up with the idea on wanting to write a book on the topic. Now so many people have written books on it that I don’t think it would even get noticed now. I think that a book on how to actually solve the issues presented would probably work but how do you get common sense to be common again? Further more how do you prove a fact?

It’s the job of lawyers to come up with undeniable proof on facts. I am not a lawyer but I can see how difficult that has become on even simple topics.  You say something is red and people get very itchy to say WHAT TYPE OF RED? Rose Red, Blood Red, and so on. Is the earth Round? WHO SAID THAT? It just goes on and on and on.

If the internet is indication of anything it is that opinion and Fact are based on a variety of view points. Just become you saw something doesn’t exactly mean everyone seen in that way.