Injustice 2 Review STORY.. part 1(PS4)

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Injustice 2 picks up right after Injustice 1. I did my first review a long time ago on this site.

The game has so much to it this time that I had to cut it into several parts. I managed to finish the entire story mode which is interesting this time around because it has more than one ending.

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Instead of just telling one story the game lets you choose between two characters between scenes. It effects the way you learn the characters and the outcome of how things go.

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Over all like before the story mode is very much like watching a interactive film. It tells one of the best dc stories I have seen to date.

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Observation 153

Today I am 34 years old and I am excited to think about a future that will be. I have come very far from my 24 and 14 year old self. I have done well in the job that I took and even managed to be in the exact place I wanted to be at “at the age 17”.

I wanted to fall in love and I managed to do that. I wanted to be self contained “meaning I could pay my bills and keep things good without worry”. I have my family to back me up from now till forever. Really if I think about it everything I want can be worked towards.

Life is funny in that manor because most people I notice don’t understand that part. Most people try to be lazy or claim thoughtlessness. I say claim because in my mind that type of logic doesn’t exist. I can’t believe that people can be that dumb yet … after the last year I am starting to question maybe I am just that smart.

Let me get geeky on this for a moment. Batman in the comics always solves the problems presented to him because he is the worlds “His worlds” greatest detective. “Hence Detective Comics DC” Every problem he manages to see the way out of it. However.. I always thought about what if he really isn’t that smart? What if he just lives in a world that is so dumb that it makes him look smart?

I think about maybe that being a possibility for right now. What if I live in a world that is so confused and lost that I am just presented as being so smart? I guess we will see what happens the next couple of years.

Today is going to be a great day.. going to enjoy it and be happy that the past is done!

Tormentor X Punisher Review (PC)

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Well it’s been a long time since I have written about a video game. However I recently managed to find thanks to Twitter this gem of a game. Tormentor X Punisher! It’s a Indie game on Steam! Which cost less than 15 bucks. we go…….

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The Options to how you play are pretty simple. You can use a mouse and keyboard or a controller. For whatever the reason when I used my ps4 controller the game switched from one character to Two. Not complaining at all because it gives me two lives to lose rather than one which is actually a good thing.

So the controls are super simple. One button fires a rapid fire weapon and another button you use fires a shotgun which also reloads the rapid fire gun. You use one stick to move and the other to turn the character. It’s a top down arena game not really a ton more to know about it other than that.
tor1 photo tor3_zpsgbvegw2w.jpg
So the set up for this is you are this girl and she goes to the planet f@#k You. On the planet she finds DEMONS and well clearly without much background at all you kill the demons… THAT’S IT…simple!

At best a match will last 5 minutes… AT BEST! At worst you start and die in 2 seconds. The longer you play the more relentless the game gets. By about 2 minutes the screen is covered in demon guts,blood and chaos. The thing that draws anyone to play this game is it has a score board which as you kill the demons you gain points.
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Its a LOUD, BRUTAL,Vulgar,Indie METAL GAME… Really if you are into games like smash tv, hatred,postal, etc… You will probably find it to be a fun game. I personally find the drive of the game to be the score board much like any good puzzle game but with guns killing stuff and stress relief in some sort of twisted way.. but it’s fun..and yea.. VERY VIOLENT…


Observation 152

I often think about the person I am and who I am trying to be. The older I get the more I come to terms with what is happening around me. School was 13 years ago. I have invested 10 years “in July” to the work place I am at now. I have done some traveling and feel I understand enough of what the world around me expects of me.

I do feel I am smarter than most people give me credit for. I also know that I should be reaching for more but if it ended right now I would be happy with what I have done. I have no real regrets as far as the decisions I have made. I know I am a good person with flaws “Everyone has em”.

I have known for a long time now that everything does change and that I am in full control over how it will and will not affect me. You can’t control the change of things but you can control the affect it will have on you.  I know that part of my personality is without bounds to question everything to much. I question my job, my relationships, my family, my hobbies, and myself above all. That is simply my nature.

I admire the people who don’t do it. Some can actually give a shit about that sort of stuff but for me it is very important. I do put myself high up because I feel that some of the things I think are obvious and yet no one sees it. I chalk it down most of the time to perhaps just intelligence. Maybe I think it’s obvious but it might be something that is very difficult or so simple to say that no one does?

That sort of thinking will drive a person crazy. Regardless getting back on track I believe that what I have accomplished so far is good and what I want to accomplish I will get to in due time .. or I won’t..

Time isn’t something a person can control so really I will stay the curse and continue to do what I can to make the improvements I can with .. whatever..