The story of Kit Kat is sorta strange. It started with a dream! I had a dream about a Gray Cat in my life. She looked exactly like Kit Kat and when I woke up from it the dream was one of those that just kept with me. I kept thinking about it and just kept repeating that I seen this Gray Cat to customers. Very strange to have a dream like that. Even stranger so that I would tell one of my customers about this dream and she would actually have own A Gray cat that she said she needed to have taken out of her house because she had 3 large dogs.

Least that’s what I remember her telling me… So I tell her about the cat I seen in my dream and she tells me she has this cat and she would be happy to give me it. I didn’t ask how old it was.. or it’s name.. the only thing I remember asking her was if it had it’s shots and was it healthy. She told me it was and about 2 days later she meet with me after work with the cat. The cat was already pretty big. Fluffy and very very skittish. I remember the first 3 weeks the cat stayed hidden in the apartment. The only reason we knew she was even alive was because we would leave food and water out for her and it would disappear at night.

Eventually because the apartment we lived in was soooo tiny she had no chose but to come out and adapt to us. Started slow with her sitting in corners and just looking at us. Eventually she started to come out to eat in front of us. Eventually she let us pet her and soon after that she was the sweetest thing in the world to us.

She never really adapted to the dog and the dog learned pretty quickly that she wanted nothing to do with her. Space being limited they learned to just do there own things. Now one of the funny things about the cat that I didn’t know could happen was it wasn’t fixed. So once a month for a good solid week that cat would lose her mind with meowing and just being in heat. About 5 months went by and we figured okay we need to do something about this because she is not stopping. Eventually she tried to spray our front door which I didn’t know Female cats could do.. which was the ending point to that!

We got her fixed and something clicked with the cats behavior. She became one of the sweetest creatures I have ever had known. She would jump up on the computer chair and lick Megans head for some odd reason. When I had to lay down before work to sleep she would jump on the bed run to my face and expect me to throw the covers over both of us and just pass out on my chest while I slept on my back. She continued to do that till about 2 months before she passed away.

When we got the second cat she was a little off about the situation but she wasn’t unwelcoming. Like the dog she just wanted her space and she did eventually pick up some bad habits from the smaller cat. They would play at 2AM running after each other and attack cat toys. They didn’t so much so affection towards each other as much as it was just “You play with your toys I’ll play with mine and let’s just have a good time”. SHE LOVED LAZER POINTERS.. omg.. she would lose her mind!

Eventually she got older and took to things at a slow pace. I understood it because I also like to take things at a slow pace. I bought this cat tree and for the first two weeks the cats didn’t really do anything with it. Until Pez “Our Youngest” took to the top part of the tree and made it her comfy spot. She spends a great deal of time up there so it was worth the month. About two months after Kit Kat surprised the both of us and took to the bottom of the tree. She was old and wasn’t much of a climber. She mostly enjoyed sitting on the top of the couch and just liked sleeping close to us.

She also had a bizarre fascination with the computer routers had in the apartment. I think it’s cause it was warm and she enjoyed sleeping on warm things. She did this to my laptop keyboard also at times if I left it open. She always looked grumpy but we could tell she was a happy cat. It was kind of just the way she was. I will miss her horribly but I am glad that I could offer her lots of love and care. She had the best life she could want from two people with really not a ton more to offer but that.. Lots and lots of love!

By Alexander Gonzalez

I have been writing observations for the past 10 years. Having lived a life in which I interact with on a daily basis over 100 people. I have some stories to tell.

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