Guess it’s been some time since I managed to sit down and write here a little. Things are going about as good as I want them to right now. Summer is pretty much over and I’m kinda glad about that. Far too much rain happening around here and I think the cooler weather will lend to getting more done around here. Still soooooooo much to do in terms of just organizing this place and setting things up.

I’m finding time is just moving faster and faster the older I get. Not surprised by any of that considering how full my time has been with dealing with work, Baby and my sorts of hobbies that I have. Family and Friends have been a consistent support for everything so really I have no complaints at all. Just doing the best I can with what I have and so far so good!…

Music has become a big part of my time again. Not so much the creating of it but more so the discovering of it. Going thru older stuff that I liked and finding new stuff created. I found several Artist I listened too a million years ago have new Projects or even New Albums that I never heard or just missed over time. Kinda nice looking back on things and seeing some stuff progressed and others just stayed the same but with updated flavors. Been going in and out of Twitch music streams to find new stuff to listen to and finding that most of it just isn’t that interesting to me anymore. Probably a 40 year old thing the brain does that it compares everything great to what’s being created and hits a wall.

It has been fun showing Lilith all my odd music taste I have. Some of it she likes some I’m sure she thinks wow dad your insane! She has been more vocal so it’s all good in terms of understanding a 4 month old … So yea.. Mortal Kombat 1 will be in my hands all too soon! Everything about it seems pretty cool so far and I’m hype about jumping back into it. Having 100% complected MK 11 finally!!!

but yea short of that I haven’t touched Diablo 4 in weeks.. Been working on The new Zelda and a game called Signials.. which both are really really good. I got side tracked by Quake 2 remaster and Sense Midnight which both I want to continue trying to 100% em at some point.. For the most part just dabbling with this and that!..

It’s all progress in the end.. so no Complaints and not much to write about right now short of that stuff..

By Alexander Gonzalez

I have been writing observations for the past 10 years. Having lived a life in which I interact with on a daily basis over 100 people. I have some stories to tell.

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