So here we are 2 Months and one day into being a father and many of the things I thought I knew I have come to the conclusion I know NOTHING about. To begin with WE AREN’T BORN WITH A SENSE OF HUMOR!! We are born with a sense of hunger, sleep and a little sense of wonder but Humor apparently comes 3 months after we are born. Kinda makes me sad but I guess that’s the nature of things! Here I thought we could laugh at everything out entire lives but apparently it’s something we learn. Fear, and dislike are things we are born with which kinda makes me sad also but .. meh..That’s life!

To say the least about everything else the weather has sucked! We are finally getting some hot days but for the most part it’s been raining and damp.. which for a person like me.. WE HATE THAT! Meh!! I think the winter will be brutal this year but I thought that last year and I was wrong… either way that’s thinking forward and meh.. So what have I OBSERVED RECENTLY…?

Work has been the same, we are over the hill of July 4th so it’s just basic summer time nonsense. Competing in mk 11 has gone as best as I can say it will go. This being almost the end of that part of series I figured I would compete ONE LAST TIME for Polos. Which I did last night and it was fun.. and I will miss mk 11 but I think going forward I will probably be done with it in terms of Online and so on. My right hand hurts, I’m 40 and maybe my daughter will take what I have learned and apply it to her own skills in mortal kombat… But that’s YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS DOWN THE LINE!!!… who knows.. Right now I’m thinking writing will probably become my default. On here of course and maybe a book I have been saying I was going to write for YEARS!!…but just haven’t gotten too. We will see how that goes..

Short of that I’m just keeping my mind busy while the rest of everything happens around me. I’m happy we will see what happens.

By Alexander Gonzalez

I have been writing observations for the past 10 years. Having lived a life in which I interact with on a daily basis over 100 people. I have some stories to tell.

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