In 9 days time I will be 40 years old so naturally my mind is up and down. It’s been a road and I have so many notebooks, Observations, Blogs, twitter post and so on to accumulate what it’s been like. I think about what is my youngest memory? I remember living in Brooklyn, NY and having that first apartment living with my Mother, Father, Sister and Brother. I remember parts of the communication we had together and still hold even today. I remember thinking well this is important to me! This is exciting to me! Trips to the beach, Toys R us, going to movies, watching films at home, eating at family dinners. Lessons during School and after School. A list of experiences that go from moving away from that one home to the 8 times I have moved since those moments.

Feeling hot in the summer, cold in the winter, the adventure of Ocala, Countless people I have met thru School and work. What exactly has build the person I am today. Music, Art, Video Games,… The blood the wine the roses! It’s a big list to think back on and normally I do this about 10 days BEFORE my birthday. It naturally just happens! So I always ask where am I and how do I FEEL NOW?

I feel great! Probably better than I ever have but with it like everything in my life it coins itself. I am also more scared but not of anything real. More possibilities and with it that goes both ways. It will work!

By Alexander Gonzalez

I have been writing observations for the past 10 years. Having lived a life in which I interact with on a daily basis over 100 people. I have some stories to tell.

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