I have always liked the idea of a Republican. The concept that someone can work from the bottom build up to the top and trickle the money down based on the hard work put into it. That the money given to the top ideas and hardest workers will show favor to those below to build upon for the better of all. The problem with that all is that humans don’t think this way. People have a habit of making more and wanting more from it.

If I make 13 an hour I can live in a 13 an hour home. If I make 50 the same will follow.

For along time I thought it was greed that caused this to happen and while greed is part of it that isn’t the complete answer in my opinion. Comfort and luxury become an aspect that steps in the picture in a sneaky snarky way. Why walk 10 minutes when you can bike in 5 minute? Why bike when you can drive? Why drive when you can pay someone who knows exactly how to get to your destination better than you and faster?

The same can be applied to everything we do or think we can. Bigger and better is after all the American way!? We need to do everything comfortably, safe and in a mass production. We have been raised to show off our gold even to those with no gold at all. Sure it sounds wrong but it’s also something we have all been raised to believe in. Media has a big part in that sure but even without it as a hunter gather species we are always looking for that comfort. I believe it’s in our nature to do so.

At birth we grow into those instincts for hunger, comfort, and we drive to feed it. I’m not sure what the main purpose is but something about it is comforting. I look around the home I have built for myself and I understand that most of the stuff I spend my time doing is to gather a collection of items I enjoy. I find comfort in it. I enjoy my writing, my comics, my video games, my toys. For me they are memories and just give me a wave of warmth and joy. How much of it builds upon my personality.

It’s silly cause I’m silly and much of it is a reflection on me but one thing I can say for sure about it all is that I’m over all a happy guy. I like what I have and I understand the build for the position of growth. Yet getting back to the main problem I started with. I believe in the structure of a republican but I know it doesn’t work due to the nature of how people are driven.

We want better for our children than we want for ourselves. Same as our parents before us and we struggle with the ups and downs same as those before us. It’s just a master of prospective and what nature sends our way.

By Alexander Gonzalez

I have been writing observations for the past 10 years. Having lived a life in which I interact with on a daily basis over 100 people. I have some stories to tell.

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