The Progression of Alexander

10/25/2020 7:34 AM

Just got outta work. Was kind of a long night.. still kind of a long week.. have another night to go “Tonight”, Which I normally don’t work Sundays but I asked for Friday, Saturday off… so my entire week is odd. Just tired but also was happy to come home to find Ghostbuster stuff was added to Fortnite!!

Didn’t buy the skins but I did purchase the backpack and equipment stuff.. Pretty cool..

Trying really hard to dig myself out of a moody…kind of .. depressed thing I am going thru in my head.. Hard to say?… I think it’s mostly the weather change. Meh.. Regardless I’m hungry.. time for food.. sleep.. and of course back to work..

10/18/2020 11:33 PM

Currently watching

He’s playing a game called LIT on the Nintendo WII. Pretty fun puzzle/horror game that I think most people missed but looks fun!

I worked last night.. Got up around 1 P.M.ish.. Cooked some food for the girlfriend and I. Today is the Anniversary of her Grandfathers passing so a majority of the day I spent keeping her busy. I even ordered a really nice cake and found a copy of a game she has been trying to play forever!.. So the stars just aligned correctly and it was overall a busy and progressive day.

She has a short shift tomorrow but I will probably spend a majority of the day cleaning and sorting out the little bits of things here. I will probably visit my parents and see if I can dig out some more of my stuff. I am looking for some older SNES stuff I know I have.. maybe some clothing .. I will see!

10/13/2020 10:46 AM

Woke up this morning and sat to check the e-mails. Put meh headphones on and am listening to Metallicas Re-master of And Justice For All “still probably one of the hardest albums I have ever head.. without question there best work”.

Spent a majority of the last couple of days relaxing and organizing books. Cooked a amazing Pork dinner last night with Rice and beans. WAS SOOOOOO GOOD! Also spent probably a majority of the day playing fortnite with my brother, my best friend Melvin, My brother in law Charles, and both of my Nephews CJ and William and at one point my girlfriend.

Was over all a very unproductive day but fun and relaxing. Not sure what I’m planning to do today but hopefully it will be more productive than yesterday.

10/11/2020 6:24 AM

So came home.. Took meh shower.. Finished work for the week.. and watching me some

Currently he’s playing Mega Man 3 Which personally I think has a great Soundtrack and is overall a hard NES game… but pretty fun! Got myself a Rum and Coke which I made myself.. Feeling very relaxed.

Don’t think I will play games till later on today.. Got Pez “Meh youngest kitty” running around the home.. like a crazy cat.. Also I got me and the girlfriend new Headphones from this company called BENGOO… They have a store on Amazon

So far I love the quality of the sound. Design is pretty awesome and sold… has a volume control, and a USB that lights em up… I haven’t tried the mic yet.. because I haven’t gone online with em yet.. but will know more about that later on tonight… Planning on playing some games with my Bro and homies.. WE WILL SEE how the day goes!

10/10/2020 5:27 AM

So the last few days have been mentally draining. I have been trying to get myself out of this state of mind but it always seems to be beating me. My boss Kevin actually said something to me yesterday about this time of year just gets to everyone and I never really put the two together. Maybe it’s the weather change or just the way people behave but something has really been itching my mind in the wrong way. I have considered going to a doctor “again” to discuss this stuff but in reality I don’t want to have to go on pills or anything like that.

I fucking hate pills “always have” and I don’t know maybe I can find a different way to sort this out. Perhaps something in my diet which oddly enough I have been eating better so perhaps the lack of sugar?… I don’t know but it isn’t good and I need to figure it out. One more day of work and really part of dealing with my problems sourced at work. People have been for lack of a better way of saying it Dumb! This is really nothing new from me but the level of dumb is just worse. Like if I had to scale it 1 – 10.. it would be 20!

The state has mandated masks which you would think is a good thing but the lack of people taking it seriously is brutal. I understand that repeating myself and the acceptance of mistakes is a thing as a requirement of the job but .. patience while I have a high level for it.. IS WEARING THIN..

Anyway.. gonna listen to some music and pass out.. blah

10/07/2020 10:17 AM

So currently listening to the New Ascension of The Watchers album Apocrypha and must say it’s probably the best work released from this band. The entire album feels very smooth and while it features Burton C. Bell on vocals “Also singer of Fear Factory and City of Fire”.. it’s soooooooooooo different from those bands but in such a great way. Honestly might be my favorite album released in 2020. A side from that!!

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. Slept a bit to adjust my sleep for my return to work tonight. Probably going to go to the post office in a bit. The weather outside feels GREAT. Not hot.. not cold.. just perfect.. and the trees are starting to change color.. October is and always has been my favorite MONTH! I am sure this winter is going to be brutally cold but today is a good day to be outside.

I played some more Fortnite with meh homies Ian and Melvin yesterday. Was a good time. Made some really good Chicken strips last night with home made Honey yes.. naturally AMAZING FOODS! Return to work tonight as I have already said so really just taking in the time as it comes. My days off always seem to go so fast.. meh..

10/05/2020 8:10 AM

Just woke up.. Took a nap from about 2:30 AM till about now. Just chillen watching some Twitch streamers.. thinking about playing some Fortnite. Not sure what the plan for today is. All I know is I don’t have work and I’m feeling wide awake. Outside my Living Room window looks like silent hill.

Think I might make some french Toast and see how the rest of the day pans out from this point.. hmmm

10/02/2020 6:10 AM

Came home from work today.. Took meh shower and was planning to sleep… Wake up and get the laundry but from the reports it’s going to rain most of the day.. will probably push that back to tomorrow!

Also I don’t know if anyone ever checks the links!! But I have a twitch channel and a Youtube Channel.. Both can be found at!!


I keep saying I’m going to do more V LOGS on both.. No clue when.. that will happen.. but right now!! I have Video game Plays… stuff like that .. SOME with vocals and nonsense but .. some without.. ya know.. Either way…

That is what I have been doing.. lots of Mortal Kombat 11, Fortnite.. Doom.. ya know.. lots of ME stuff!

So.. before sleep I have been reading the HORROR NOVEL… Cabal by my favorite writer ever.. CLIVE Barker.. Book is amazing.. it has a movie based on it called Nightbreed.. but like so many things.. THE BOOK IS BETTER… super good.. still plan on catching up with Batman comics.. but probably won’t get to that till Sunday…maybe Monday.. we will see.. but I am deff starting it up again this week..

Next two shifts start at 6 PM.. so yes.. halfway .. on the way!


09/29/2020 9:39 AM

Woke up at like around 3 AM. Had a pretty busy couple of days. Visited my sister and helped my father out with some stuff for the house. Was overall a great couple of days so far. Today I don’t plan on doing much. Relax and prepare my mind for tomorrow night. Played some more matches with my girlfriend of Fortnite.

Not sure what I plan to do today but I did find this cool Metal Podcast.

It’s the singer for Machine Head “Rob Flynn” doing interviews. Hearing some crazy stories from bands I listen to all the time. So that’s been pretty cool. Of course this brings me back a bit.

We will see what happens as the day goes on.

09/25/2020 9:25 AM

Worked the last couple of nights and have been extremely tired. Oddly enough I slept 8 hours yesterday. Not so much the night before and will probably not sleep so much today but yes.. VERY Tired.

Came home and took a great shower. Did my 5 matches of Kombat League and GOT THE PRIZE I WANTED!!

Look how cool he is!! Best skin in the game so far!! I think!.. Followed that by winning 3 matches with Blade in Fortnite!

Also really cool! So why the hell am I awake? Was planning on Laundry and some shopping.. Hopefully I will get it all done. Also waiting on this!

Very cool!! Also top 3 games I have ever played in my life so MUST HAS!! Will know at 10AM if I get one or not. Regardless of all that the adulting in my life had me sort out money and what not this morning. It’s the end of the month so mailed out the rent and paid some more stuff off today. blah blah blah Adult life is what it is.. However with that said I will say I am actually a really good adult. In the 11 years I have been working I can say I have held a flawless record of always paying everything either before or exactly on time. NEVER LATE.. and I think that’s because I get paranoid.

Maybe it’s the wrong word but I constantly think about the important stuff to the point I can’t sleep if it’s not sorted and done. It’s how I do my job and how I manage Adult life. Everything has to be on time and sorted BEFORE I get to play! Which I often wonder if it’s the correct way to live life?…hmmm

09/23/2020 3:53 AM

This is going to be a bit of a different place from my Observation page. Here I will discuss more on the internal battles of my mind and thoughts on how I feel about aging. Probably going to be way more personal with this part of the page. As I star this I will also note that I took down the Song of the day page because it was becoming to difficult to keep up with and I figure I can just discuss it more here along with just interactions of the day (Streams, Comics I read, and so on).

Tonight is my adjustment day for work. I go into work at 7PM today so adjusting my sleep for that is pretty much me waking up at 12AM and sleeping from about 9AM till 530pm *8 HOURS. My sleeping habits for the last 11 or so years have always been horrible. Normally it’s 4 hour burst of sleep with a mix of work, cleaning, and just interacting with whomever “Friends and Family”. Occasionally watching a stream or two on Twitch.TV.

Which normally I will post on Twitter what I am doing with that. For those that don’t know my name on that is @KainlessG. It’s really not much of a feed.. Mostly post about PS4 streams, pictures of Fortnite/Mortal Kombat wins with a dash of minor comments in the moment. I’ll reply to anyone who has something to say currently so by all means .. LOOK ME UP!

Which speaking of Mortal Kombat I have been playing MK 11 Kombat League and I am happy to say that getting the Baraka Kytinn skin is going to be super easy and I am 2 days away from accomplishing that! All that was required was finishing all the challenges for 10 days so meh.. I already made it too Champion so I have already received the two skins for that.. I am not really trying..but meh.. if I get to Demi God I will be surprised.

Fortnite I got this awesome new skin for a chacter named Penny who apparently is rare and THICC!!..She’s awesome and yea.. that’s a thing!

Short of that today was an over all easy day. I woke up around 3pm but took a couple of naps in between that and now. Watched a couple of films with the girlfriend on Amazon Prime and read the latest issue of Harley Quinn.. which on the topic… I don’t know if they are making any more of those comics.. because it say to read Batman #96 at the end of it… So .. curious.. But yes! Batman will be the next series I need and WANT TO catch up on..

A side from that I also started reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich which is A MASSIVE book someone recommended “Can’t remember who”. They said it was very interesting to read considering the current time we live in and how history is kind of repeating itself OR from what I can see reflecting on the past. I don’t know much about World War 2 but so far it’s an interesting read and will probably take me awhile to finish.

You can find it here >

Back to work tonight “as I already said”.. So just gonna probably watch some RiahBhee and chill..